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gros-art vernissage project image

GROS-ART Website project image

GROS-ART Vernissage Poster & Invitation

CBBC Antwerp project image

CBBC Antwerp Website

KLJ Kwaliteitsinstrument project image

KLJ Kwaliteitsinstrument Card Game

FoM 18.1 VIP Shirt

Frag-O-Matic 18.1 VIP Shirt

FoM 19.0 VIP Shirt

Frag-O-Matic 19.0 VIP Shirt

Who am I?

I am a project manager by education with specialization in advertising, but a web designer & developer through passion. I like challenges, fun projects and fun people to work with.

What can I do?

I enjoy creating digital projects with an eye for UX and a nice design.

I also create print designs such as posters, gaming e-sports shirts,...

How do I do it?

By creating websites with eye for animation, accessibility and UX. For these websites I use HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

I also like experimenting with new technologies such as JS frameworks and CMS like Wordpress.

Let's work together!

This website was created completely from scratch, which means nothing is impossible!